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God is always faithful to provide for the needs of our church and our outreach endeavors by dealing with the right person at the right time to give so that every need is met with surplus. Your gift is an investment in God's eternal kingdom for which you'll receive a great reward. We thank you for your partnership in the gospel and ask you to join us in expecting a multiplied return to you in Jesus name!

CROSSFIRE Youth is a group of teens and young adults who are on fire for God and ready to change our lives and world.

we are totally sold out to our great big God, the living God of the universe!

We have a passion inside us to serve God and we've made the decision to serve him now-not later.

God has given us a job to do-we are world changers and we are going to make a difference in our world-starting now!

god doesn't care where you come from or what you've done in your past.

He wants to use you now-just the way you are!

Crossfire meets every Wednesday from 6:45p- 8p! Meet at

Grace Center!

Overflow gets together every Sunday morning! Meet at

Amazing Grace Church at 10am. After Praise and Worship,

head over to Grace Center for youth until 11:30am!

Ignite group meets once a month for fun and fellowship! Also,

once a month for Bible Study and discussion!




We are located at:

509 2nd Avenue

Sterling, IL

Phone # : 815-632-3222

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Crossfire- The Youth Outreach of Amazing Grace

Crossfire Youth Outreach

Crossfire Youth Outreach

Kristy Pipes understands the temptations that face today's youth. Kristy grew up in a good home and always felt drawn to God, but for years she ignored that call because she wanted to "have fun." Kristy had everything she thought she wanted...but she was miserable.

One night, Kristy hit rock bottom and cried out to God. He answered in a way that changed her life forever! She felt God's presence come into her room and surround her. It was a warmth and love she had never experienced before.

He told her, "This is not the life that I have chosen for you."

Within a few months, Kristy came back to Amazing Grace. She gave her life to Jesus at a Women's Meeting. That was in 1998-and she has been an active member since. In 2000, she completed Amazing Grace's Layman's School of Training and has continued to pursue Bible training in the church. In 2003, Kristy became the Crossfire Youth Pastor.

Kristy's passion for God and heart for youth are contagious! Through her ministry, God sets others free from the same things that once held her in bondage. She can look at others who are struggling with addiction and confidently tell them, "This is not the life God has chosen for you." Kristy is a Licensed and Ordained Youth Pastor and Assistant Pastor through Faith Christian Fellowship.

Meet Pastor Kristy

we have a burning passion to impact young people with the supernatural power of god and disciple  them to be passionate followers of christ

Awesome youth service last night!_🙂🙂🙂