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God spoke to me and said "This is not the life I have chosen for you"

Pastor Kristy Pipes understands the temptations that face today's youth. Kristy grew up in a good home and always felt drawn to God, but for years she ignored that call because she wanted to "have fun." Kristy had everything she thought she wanted...but she was miserable. One night, Kristy hit rock bottom and cried out to God. He answered in a way that changed her life forever! She felt God's presence come into her room and surround her. It was a warmth and love she had never experienced before.
He told her, "This is not the life that I have chosen for you." Within a few months, Kristy came back to Amazing Grace. She gave her life to Jesus at a Women's Meeting. That was in 1998 and she has been an active member since. In 2000, she completed Amazing Grace's Layman's School of Training and has continued to pursue Bible training in the church. In 2003, Kristy became the Crossfire Youth Pastor. Kristy's passion for God and heart for youth are contagious! Through her ministry, God sets others free from the same things that once held her in bondage. She can look at others who are struggling with addiction and confidently tell them, "This is not the life God has chosen for you." Kristy is a Licensed and Ordained Pastor through Faith Christian Fellowship.

                             FAST-FORWARD TO NOVEMBER 2021 . . . .

                                   Having been mentored and trained for over 20 years under the leadership of Amazing Grace’s Founding Pastor                                       Loren Schlomer, she accepted the position of Senior Pastor after Pastor Loren Schlomer took his place in                                               Heaven.  Her passion is to see Amazing Grace be a place where others can meet Jesus, experience His love and                                     presence, and go deeper in their faith to change the world around them.  Kristy has been married to Dan since                                       2001, and they have 2 children, MaKaylee and Bratyon, who love Jesus and are both actively involved in ministry                                     here at Amazing Grace. Pastor Kristy's e-mail:

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Pastoral Care Minister Les Weaver

Brother Les has been a member of Amazing Grace for 30 years. In those years, he has been a leader of Helps Ministries, ushers, personal usher for Pastor Loren, and lawn & landscaping. He enjoys the personal one-on-one ministry and leading people in salvation and receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. His heart is to reach out to the hurting and lonely, bringing healing and hope to them through God's mighty power!

Founding Pastor Loren Schlomer

On October 11, 2021, Amazing Grace celebrated the life of our founding Pastor as he took his place in Heaven and heard those words "Well done, thou good and faithful servant!" Pastor Loren began the work here in Sterling, IL in 1990 and has left a legacy of love, faith, and the vision to see God's Glory manifested in this church. And because of his vision, the future of Amazing Grace is full of promise & excitement! Until we all meet again, Pastor Loren will be greatly missed and always in our hearts and in the heart of this church.

You can still listen to our founding Pastor Loren on Empowerment Radio daily at
12:45 and 5:45 pm (CST)

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