Anointed Praise & Worship
Our praise & worship is exciting! God desires those that worship Him should do so "in Spirit and Truth" John 4:24



We are fully submitted to the moving of the Holy Spirit. When the Spirit wants to move and minister to people, Pastor Loren yields to God and allows ministry to go forth. Many miracles have taken place here at Amazing Grace during those times!



We will inform the congregation of all events that are current for the upcoming week.



Returning a portion of our income for God’s purposes. If you are a guest, please don’t feel obligated to participate.



Bible-based messages relevant to the daily lives of each one of us.


Love Reigns Here!

We welcome your donation

God is always faithful to provide for the needs of our church and our outreach endeavors by dealing with the right person at the right time to give so that every need is met with surplus. Your gift is an investment in God's eternal kingdom for which you'll receive a great reward. We thank you for your partnership in the gospel and ask you to join us in expecting a multiplied return to you in Jesus name!